La ValeraLa Valera

The Valera in Arese is a villa in the middle of the eighteenth century, with park completely fenced , situated just 5 kilometers from Milan, in what has been , and to some extent still is, the typical Lombardy countryside between the capital and the lakes. Although it is now inserted in the belt of Milan , it preserves the charm and flavor of another time, together with a peace and a ” privacy ” that they immediately forget the proximity to the city. The villa consists of a core which can be matched and rustic greenhouses. The nucleus has a characteristic plant “H ” closed one side, surrounding a large cloister in gravel with porticos and ancient vases with pints of lemon.

The side facing south is by nature intended for receptions, and it is here that we find the numerous eighteenth century rooms, open to the Italian Garden. This consists of four large meadows bordered by boxwood borders and gravel of Ticino, with a central fountain with water features, and ancient pots of citrus. The side is bordered to the south by a precious gallery vegetable hornbeam, whose western side stands a Coffee House in Moorish style with pebble mosaics. The gallery, a hundred meters long, is interrupted in the middle by an imposing gate supported by four columns with statues that indicates access to the Park, the result of centuries-old work of gardeners, composed of vast meadows, small hills and ancient and rare trees. The park is an oasis cool and shady, a place for relaxation and is entirely crossed by a wide path with a lawn, and its vast size and is entirely crossed by a wide path with a lawn, and its vast size , over 10 hectares, allowing walks and pleasant stops looking for backgrounds in depth, perspective views, sudden contrasts of color due to the variety of tree absences.

Adjacent to the Park and the Italian Garden is the Lemon, ancient and rustic building that once was the winter shelter of lemon trees, now housed in the winter in most modern greenhouses. With a length of fifty meters, high ceilings with original chestnut beams, fireplaces and numerous windows facing south, it is an exceptionally bright, overlooking entirely the garden, now used as a fresh and relaxing dining room.