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Environment and our Services

A scenario such as that offered by La Valera in Arese is not possible without a proper catering service and equally refined. For this the Valera provides a ‘ careful choice of specialists, who can ensure a result in line with the atmosphere of rooms and gardens and then propose different types of services to ensure a flawless preparation . You can then choose what you prefer not only to the menu, but also for what concerns the style, the impression that everyone will want to give their receipt, so that everything contributes to leave a memory truly unique, unforgettable .


Limonaia, spacious lounge on the ground floor, which can accommodate up to 250 people comfortably seated.


A large area of about 500 square meters on the first floor of limonaia for cocktails, exhibitions, business meetings and, eventually matched with the one below.


  • The Italian garden and the park are completely available to guests for cocktails, walks, photographs and activities relevant to the reception.
  • Night lighting of the Italian gardens, cloisters, parking and all areas used in the evenings.
  • Possibility of setting up tables outside in good weather.


Ample lighted parking for 150 cars in the Villa, located close but offset from the places where the reception takes place.


It is reserved for the bride and groom, during the course of the reception, a room with private bath.


Ability to use a room equipped for babies.


Heating and air conditioning.


Staff inside the villa for any need relating to the reception and a concierge service at the main entrance.


Ability to use phone and fax.